Online Bible Studies

Life can be crazy! But time in God's Word is critical to our well being as women! We hope that you will find these short segments from the Bible to help you find a moment with our Great God!!

There are instructions on How to study your bible with Inductive Study Skills as well as short recaps from our Thursday Morning Bible Studies.

We are planning a couple of evening workshops this summer so stay tuned!

Online Bible Studies

Your Place - God's Word

Bible Study Tools

Inductive Bible Study

is a method

of looking at God’s Word

in detail to learn

what He says to you

through the teaching

of the Holy Spirit.

Please join us as we learn to study God's Word using simple tools to hear what He has to say to us, His girls!

While inductive study has many facets, this class will use only a few to get you started. . . 

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Suffering that Shapes

Life can be hard! In fact, I imagine that if you are old enough to read this, you too have suffered, either you are in the middle of something pressing on you or you have experienced something hard in the past. One of the hardest things about suffering, is "WHY"!!  It seems that if we could know 'why' that maybe it would be easier. The Bible has a lot to say about suffering why don't you join us and see what God says about suffering!


More to Come...